Christoph Waltz performs a heart-wrenching version of ‘Sesame Street’ song


Sesame Street celebrated its 45th anniversary on Monday — you know, that gritty show about despair, grief and sorrow that also happens to have Muppets. No? Not familiar?

It seems Christoph Waltz has a much different interpretation of the classic children’s program, so he performed a dark, emotionally raw version of the show’s theme song on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street” has never felt more overwrought.


Ken Block Does it again

In Ken Blocks latest video he sets a souped up 1965 mustang across the streets of LA. Showcasing some amazing car control from one of the only all wheel drive mustangs with over 800 horsepower in existance, Block rips up the streets. Taken in some closed off sections of LA he bombs up overpasses, around barrels, cop cars and even underneath a jumping Low rider. Gymkhana 7: Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles is a project that Block has been teasing for months and when it finally dropped today auto enthusiasts rejoiced as we heard the thunder of a beautiful v8 over a full 12 minutes of smokey fury.


This is what life is like with narcolepsy

Oklahoma woman has developed a series of YouTube videos of her performing daily activities, the only catch is she has narcolepsy and as a result its very difficult for her to carry out day-to-day actions. In the first video that she posted she is attempting to complete an instructional how-to video but it doesn’t take long before Sarah Wheaton’s legs go limp and she falls on the floor slipping into a quick nap. Wheaton has a service dog to help her with her narcolepsy and she does take regular treatments to try and avoid attacks. With millions of people watching her videos she hopes that she can increase awareness for people with narcolepsy so that more can be done to help with the condition.


100 years of beauty in 1 min.

We All know that styles have changed throughout the years but it’s not often that we get the chance to see nearly every type of women’s fashion style in a very short period. In a recent viral video model Nina Carduner Takes us through a century of beauty from in 1910 and 40 and Lady to the modern millennial 2010 look. Doing 10 different iconic hairstyles and makeup to span each decade, we see 100 years of style to show how the concept of beauty evolved throughout the past century. This is a very interesting video that shows off flapper girl waves to crimping in the 1980s and some of the styles of today.



Nick Offerman’s whiskey song

Nick Offerman the star of Parks and Recreation is known for making some pretty fantastic viral videos. He’s also known as being one of the ultimate man’s men. He owns his own wood shop, he’s only seen in plaid and he loves whiskey. He took some time out and teamed up with a number of single malt distilleries to produce a whiskey tour and song To tell his love affair with whiskey. In this fantastic video we hear some of his own personal tales with whiskey and see some of the beautiful Scottish countryside were many of these distilleries are located.